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Gilt Vase - Doulton Lambeth

Doulton Lambeth Gilt Circle-ware vase - Elise Simmance
NZD $2,750.00
Price / kg:
  • A super Doulton Lambeth stoneware guilt circle ware vase made by one of their most collectable and top artists Elise Simmance.

    This vase / bowl is simply outstanding. It is large, shines wonderfully with the gilt circle decoration and the quality & style of the carving and enamel is fantastic. Yes, I know this is a lot of colorful words however this is one of my favorite vases so I guess the passion comes out :)

  • Condition

    Excellent condition with no chips cracks or known repairs.

    Age & markings

    Carries many markings, most importantly the inscribed monogram of Elise Simmance, the Doulton Lambeth stamp and dated 1886 (125 years old). Please see photo below.

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