Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us.

General Questions

Where is AAADNZ based?

Art and Antiques Dealers NZ (AAADNZ) is based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

What currency is the price on products?

All items for sale on AAADNZ are in New Zealand Dollars. You will be able get a rough idea of exchange rates my visiting New Zealand currency is refered to as NZD.

Products & Pricing

Item Descriptions
All description is provided to the best of knowledge at the time of cataloguing. From time to time we miss issues, and some times the items may be damaged while in storage. We will notify you before sending if we find our description does not match the item, in which case you will be given the option to cancel the transaction for full refund.
Insurance Valuation
Where you require a valuation for insurance purpose, we can arrange our partners Fine Antiques to provide appropriate documentation. Please note a full replacement value will most often be higher than your purchase price and the valuers will charge for their time.

Shipping & related taxes

Payment before shipping
We only ship items once we have received cleared payment. There may be delays where PayPal transactions are held due to differing country policies.
Do you ship everything?
No, we do not ship art work or furniture. In these cases we offer two options: (1) You organise a courier to pickup, in which case we will bubble wrap art works but not furniture. Other items will be baxed for delivery. (2) You pickup yourself, in which case all items are to be packed by yourself.
What kinds of shipping do you offer?
Where we arrange shipping we will always send signature required.
Do you cover international taxes and duties?
No, the only taxes we collect are G.S.T on transactions based in New Zealand. Any import taxes and duties you might be charged to import into your country will be payable by you.
Do you guarantee the ability to import?
No, each country may have their own set of rules about what can be imported and what can not. The responsibility is firmly placed on you the purchaser. All costs and losses will be born by you with AAADNZ not accepting any liability.
CITIES certification
Where you require a CITIES certificate to import into your country, we can arrange our partners Fine Antiques to provide appropriate documentation. Fine Antiques Valuers will charge for their time.
Art and Antique Dealers NZ (AAADNZ)
Antique & Art Dealers NZ (AAADNZ)
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